Ruonan Duan


Master Candidate of Computer Science

Supervisor: Bao-Liang Lu

ronatuan (AT)



Department of Computer Science,
800 Dongchuan Road,
Shanghai Jiao Tong University,

  Research Interest

· Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
· EEG-based gender recognition
· Brain Computer Interface
· Event-Related Potantials
· EEG-based emotion recognition
· Neural network


· Ruo-Nan Duan, Xiao-Wei Wang, Bao-Liang Lu, EEG-Based Emotion Recognition in Listening Music by Using Support Vector Machine and Linear Dynamic System, the 19th International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP2012), Part IV, LNCS 7666, pp. 468–475, 2012 [Download]

· Nie Dan, Wang Xiao-Wei, Duan Ruo-Nan, Lu Bao-Liang, A Survey on EEG based Emotion Recognition, Chinese Journal of Biomedical Engineering, 31(4), pp. 595-606, 2012 [Download]

· EEG-based Emotion Recognition, B.E. Thesis, Ruonan Duan [Download]

  Education Background

· Bachelor in Computer Science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Aug.2007-Jun.2011
· Master Candidate in Computer Science, Shanghai Jiong Tong University, Sep.2011-Present


· Shanghai Jiao Tong University
· Center for Brain-Like Computing and Machine Intelligence
· Department of Computer Science&Engineering