Xiangyu Gao


Master Candidate

Major: Computer Science

Supervised by:
Bao-Liang Lu(SJTU)

gaoxiangyu66 (AT) gmail.com

Cell Phone:


Department of Computer Science,
Shanghai Jiao Tong University,
No. 800 Dongchuan Rd.,
Shanghai 200240, China

  Research Interests

  • Machine Learning
  • Driver Fatigue Detection

  Education Background

  • Master Candidate in Computer Science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sep.2013-Present
  • Bachelor in Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sep.2009-Jun.2013

  Intern Experience

  • Dec. 2012 - Sept. 2013: Mobile and Communications Group, Intel Asia-Pacific Research & Development ltd, Shanghai, China

  Useful Links

· Related Labs: Center for Brain-Like Computing and Machine Intelligence
· Refered Journals: IEEE TPAMI, Int. J. Computer Vision(Springer), IEEE TNN, IEEE TEC, Machine Learning(Springer), Pattern Recognition(Elsevier), Information Sciences(Elsevier), Neural Networks(Elsevier), Applied Soft Computing(Elsevier), ...
· Top Conferences: NIPS, AAAI, ICML, IJCAI, ICCV, CVPR, ECCV, ...
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