SJTU Chinese Character Dependency Treebank

version 2.1


    1. Haonan Li, Zhisong Zhang, Yuqi Ju, Hai Zhao. 2018. Neural Character-level Dependency Parsing for Chinese. In Proceedings of AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-18).

    2. Zhao Hai. 2009. Character-Level Dependencies in {Chinese}: Usefulness and Learning. In Proceedings of the 12th Conference of the European Chapter of the ACL (EACL).

    3. Zhao Hai, Kit Chunyu, Song Yan. 2009. Character Dependency Tree based Lexical and Syntactic All-in-one Parsing for Chinese. In The 10th Chinese National Conference on Computational Linguistics (CNCCL-2009).

In exchange of the dataset access, you should fully agree on the following terms and conditions with complete understanding:

    1. The dataset should be only used for non-commercial research and/or educational purposes

    2. If you wish to use the dataset for commercial purposes, you must contact the author(s)

    3. Researcher shall properly cite at least one of the references whenever the dataset is used