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Research Interests


Ø  Computational model for Perception and Cognition

Learning and Memory in Cortical Networks, Visual Sparse Representation and Coding, Visual Global Feature Analysis; Object Recognition, Multimodal Computational Model

Ø  Computer Vision and Image Retrieval

Visual Event Recognition, Selective Attention, Image Denoising and Image Deblurring, Large Scale Image Retrieval, Sketch-based Image Search, Human Computer Interaction.

Ø  Brain-Computer Interface and Brain Signal Processing

Brain EEG Signal Processing, Evoked Potential Analysis and Localization, Brain-Computer System Design, EEG Pattern Recognition, EEG based Person authentication

Ø  Statistical Learning and Inference

Independent Component Analysis, Sparse Representation, Tensor Factorization and Analysis, Information Geometry


Research Projects

Ø  Mathematical foundation of Statistical Machine Learning for Big Data, Supported by Basic Research Program (973 Program) MOST, China, 2015-2019

Ø  Hierarchical Deep Neural Networks for Spatial-Temporal Data, Supported by the Key Basic Research Programs of Shanghai Municipality, 2015-2018

Ø  Mobile Rehabilitation Systems Based on Cognitive Mechanism and Non-invasive Brain Computer Interaction, Supported by National Science Foundation of China (NSFC), (2015-2017)

Ø  Visual Event Modelling and Recognition in Dynamic Scene, Supported by National Science Foundation of China (NSFC), (2013-2016)

Ø  Multimodal Bilateral Brain Computer Interface and Applications, Supported by National Science Foundation of China (NSFC), (2012-2015)

Ø  Brain Computer Interface and Motor Functional Rehabilitation, Supported by the NSFC-JSPS International Cooperation Program (  20112013)

Ø  BCI based Vehicle Navigation and Control Technology, Supported by National Science Foundation of China (2010-2012)

Ø  Remote ECG Diagnosis Platform and Applications to Community Hospitals (2012-2013)

Ø  Image Enhancement and Sketch-based Image Search (2011-2013)