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1.       Y. Liu, Zhang, H.; Chen, M.; Zhang, L., A Boosting-Based Spatial-Spectral Model for Stroke Patients' EEG Analysis in Rehabilitation Training, IEEE Trans Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 24 (1), pp169-179, 2016 (IF= 3.188)

2.       Q. Zhao, G. Zhou, Liqing Zhang, A. Cichocki, S. Amari, Bayesian Robust Tensor Factorization for Incomplete Multiway Data, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2016, Accepted (IF=4.291)

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8.       C. Xiao, Changhu Wang, Liqing Zhang, Lei Zhang, IdeaPanel: A Large Scale Interactive Sketch-based Image Search System", ICMR2015: 667-668, June 23-26 Shanghai, China

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