Yun Luo


Phd Candidate
Department of Computer Science
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Supervisor: Bao-Liang Lu (SJTU)



Room 3-East307, SEIEE buliding,
Department of Computer Science,
800 Dongchuan Road,
Shanghai Jiao Tong University,

Research Interest

Machine Learning
Fatigue Driving

Education Background

• Sept.2015 - Present PhD. student in Computer Science, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
• Sept.2011 - June.2015 Undergraduate student in Information Technology, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

Honors and Awards

• Excellent graduate of Sichuan province 2015
• Excellent graduation thesis of UESTC 2015
• Tang Linxin Scholarship in UESTC 2014
• National Scholarship in UESTC 2014
• First prize in the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest (Information Security Topic) 2014
• National Scholarship in UESTC 2013
• Top Grade Scholarship Of People in UESTC 2012


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  • Yingying Jiao, Yini Deng, Yun Luo, Bao-Liang Lu: Driver sleepiness detection from EEG and EOG signals using GAN and LSTM networks. Neurocomputing, 408: 100-111 (2020).
  • Lu Gan, Wei Liu, Yun Luo, Xun Wu, Bao-Liang Lu, A Cross-Culture Study on Multimodal Emotion Recognition Using Deep Learning. In: Gedeon T., Wong K., Lee M. (eds) Neural Information Processing. ICONIP 2019: 670-680.
  • Bo-Qun Ma, He Li, Yun Luo, Bao-Liang Lu, Depersonalized Cross-Subject Vigilance Estimation with Adversarial Domain Generalization, Proc. IJCNN 2019, Budabest.
  • Yun Luo, Li-Zhen Zhu, Bao-Liang Lu, A GAN-Based Data Augmentation Method for Multimodal Emotion Recognition. ISNN (1) 2019: 141-150.[pdf]
  • Yun Luo, Si-Yang Zhang, Wei-Long Zheng, Bao-Liang Lu: WGAN Domain Adaptation for EEG-Based Emotion Recognition. ICONIP (5) 2018: 275-286.[pdf]
  • Yun Luo, Bao-Liang Lu, EEG Data Augmentation for Emotion Recognition Using a Conditional Wasserstein GAN, in Proc IEEE EMBC2018.[pdf]
  • Jia-Jun Tong, Yun Luo, Bo-Qun Ma, Wei-Long Zheng, Bao-Liang Lu, Xiao-Qi Song, Shi-Wei Ma, Sleep Quality Estimation with Adversarial Domain Adaptation: From Laboratory to Real Scenario, in Proc. IEEE IJCNN2018. [pdf]

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